Steps to satisfying the cross cultural requirement for graduation

NNU requires all students to complete a cross cultural requirement prior to graduation. Here are the steps to take to satisfy your cross cultural graduation requirements.

Step 1: Make a Plan

With the the help of your advisor, choose your experience(s): One Level 4 or a combination of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 experiences. 

Step 2:  Labs

You must be enrolled in a lab for every course or experience by filling out the appropriate form. 

Step 3:  Assignments

Complete modules 1-4 of the Intercultural Lab online or face to face PRIOR to interacting with person(s) of another culture.

Step 4: Interaction

Fulfill the required contact time, (5-10 hours for Level 1 and 2 experiences or required days of international travel for level 3 and 4 experiences).

Step 5: Completion

After completing all contact time, work through modules 5-7 in the online Intercultural Lab, which will include writing a reflection paper. 

Step 6: Get Credit

A grade of CR (credit) will be given for each lab completed as outlined. NOTE: where students are completing a course in conjunction with the Lab, the course must receive a passing grade in addition to successful completion of the Lab.