International Church Experience

This experience will allow NNU students to be involved as a participant in the International Church community through Intensive, interactive encounters within a culturally diverse community and enjoy the opportunity to learn from and think with people form several ethnic backgrounds.

General Requirements:
  • Sign up by filling out the International Church Experience Participation Form
  • Meet with the director of the program to facilitate participation
  • Participate in six encounters during a given quad
  • Be active in at least one task group weekly during the experience
Each encounter will comprise of attending Sunday morning worship celebration, bible study and dinner/fellowship time on Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 
Task Groups
Students must be involved in a task group during the experience.  This could be choir, worship team, chapel furniture set up, chapel furniture storage, kitchen cleanup, working with children's sunday school, greeting, bible studies etc. Participants may change their task group during the experience.  

Special Opportunities
During each quad, there will be special events to participate in.
  • Fall, Quad 1: Church Retreat at McCall
  • Fall, Quad 2: Cultural Celebration Sunday
  • Spring, Quad 1: Snow Tubing at Bogus Basin
  • Spring, Quad 2: Spring Tea
Students are also welcome to participate in a bible study on Fridays at the Boise Chinese Christian Church.