American Indian Powwow

Attend a Native American Powwow ceremony showcasing customs of Native Americans. Dancers and drummers in full regalia will entertain and provide an opportunity to experience culture of the original Americans.  You will also observe demonstrations and storytelling, and have the opportunity to visit with vendors selling traditional crafts and original artwork.


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Red River Powwow
Held in Caldwell each Fall 

Seven Arrows Powwow 
Held at BSU each spring.  The 2017 event will be April 22nd and 23rd.   For more information visit  


Powwow's began originally as a healing ceremony conducted by Native American spiritual leaders. Eventually these ceremonies grew to include celebration of a successful hunt , giving thanks to the spirits for a bountiful harvest and preparing warriors for battle.  

Native Americans believed in all things living and spiritual and viewed life and death as an inevitable circle. Some of the powwow ceremonies conducted celebrated with tribal drums, dancing, food, chanting and traditional healing rituals.  They acted out ancient stories handed through the generations, which kept their history alive.

Today, the powwow tradition is still alive.  Usually centered around changing seasons, powwow ceremonies are typically located in areas where a large concentration of Native American tribes exist. Today the powwow has more of a festival feel with traditional dances as well as various religious ceremonies re-enacted for the general public.