Farmway Village Tutoring Partner

Farmway Village is the common name for the Caldwell Housing Authority just west of Caldwell near Interstate Highway 84.  It was used, in years past, to house Japanese interns and migrant workers.

Today it is a low income housing community, home to many Latino families who are first and second generation immigrants. There are 1200-1400 residents. The tutoring program is housed in building #79, which is primarily used by the Episcopal Church, LaGracia, for worship and programs. The tutoring program is a joint effort between the church and Families First, a program of Health and Welfare.


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NNU students seeking a level 1 "Tutoring Partner" experience in this program will:

  1. Apply using the "Sign-Up Online" button above.
  2. Attend a one hour orientation seminar at Farmway Village with program coordinators.
  3. Be enrolled in CLST1001DCC Intercultural Lab and complete modules 01-04 prior to participating in activities at the La Gracia Center.
  4. Partners will log a minimum of 10 hours assisting grade-school and middle-school students to complete their homework and work on improving academic skills as needed on Tuesdays and Thursday from 3:30-5:30 p.m.
  5. After 10 hours of participation time, write a five page paper that includes the criteria described in the "reflect Module" in CLST1001DCC Intercultural Lab for Level 1.  

Possible cultural/learning activities

  • Assist with homework
  • Assist parents (who may not speak English) with homework for k-! students to understand what is required of their children
  • Encourage students who have lost confidence in their knowledge, ability and potential
  • Assist students to learn basic math facts and concepts
  • Read to students and listen to them read
  • Play games and interact with students; get to know them, learn from them about their own lives, cluture, hopes and dreams
  • Spend time as a guest and student in a home where resources are limited and the primary language is Spanish


LaGracia Center - Farmway Village, Caldwell

Directions to Farmway Village (Caldwell Housing Authority)
Take the exit closest to you and turn left onto I-84 (west, toward Caldwell/Ontario)
Proceed 8-10 miles until you come to exit 26 (Notus/Parma) and turn left onto US-20W/US-26 W.  Proceed abourt a mile then turn right onto Farmway Rd. at the Stinker Gas Station. 
Drive up the hill and turn right into Farmway Village.
Proceed down this street past several buildings until you come to thte large brown building on the right with a colorful sheild on the front and the number 79.  This is your destination.
Use this link for a Google Map.