Courses Approved as Cross Culture Experiences

The following courses have been approved by the General Education Council to fulfill a Cross Cultural Requirement: students must be co-enrolled in the corresponding Intercultural Lab. The Cross Culture aspect requires 5-15 contact hours and a five page paper reflecting on the Cross Cultural Experience.  See Lab for secific information. 

Please note that for each course there is a mandatory corresponding Intercultural Lab. When registering for one of the courses listed below, make sure to also register for the corresponding lab.


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Courses with Level 2 Intercultural Labs
BSNS4600. Global Business Strategies(3) and BSNS4600CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2  "Spring 2018"
CHIN2010. Intermediate Chinese(4) and CHIN2010CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2 "Fall 2017"
CHIN2020. Intermediate Chinese(4) and CHIN2020CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2  "Spring 2018"
CLST1020. Dynamics of Intercultural Dialogue(2) and CLST1020CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2 
CLST3960. Cultural Studies Field Experience (1-3) and CLST3960CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2
CLTA1550. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology(3) and CLTA1550CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2  "Fall 2017 and Spring 2018"
CLTA2030. Intercultural Communication(3) and CLTA2030CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2
CLTA3180. Race, Class and Gender(3) and CLTA3180CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2  
COMM4200. Intercultural Communication and COMM4200CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2 "Spring 2018"
EDUC2250. Cultural Diversity in Education(2) and EDUC2250CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2  "Fall 2017 and Spring 2018"
EDUC3310. Teaching English Language Learners(1) EDUC3310CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2  "Spring 2018"
EDUC3410. Engl;ish Language Learners and Content Literacy in Secondary Classrooms(3) EDUC3410CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2 "Fall 2017"
FREN1020. Elementary French(4) and FREN1020CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2 
FREN2010. Intermediate French(4) and FREN2010CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2
FREN2020. Intermediate French(4) and FREN2020CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2
MILS3900. Leadership Practicum in a Culturally Diverse Environment(6) and MILS3900CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2 
NURS4010. Nursing of Diverse Populations in the Community(4) and NURS4010CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2  "Fall 2017"
PRTH2400. Introduction to Christian Missions(3) and PRTH2400CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2 (Spring 2018)
PRTH3750. Compassionate Ministries(2) and PRTH3750CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2 (Spring 2018)
REST3610. Exploring World Religions(2) and REST3610CC(0) Intercultural Lab 1  "Spring 2018"
SOGY3180. Race, Class and Gender(3) andSOGY3180CC (0) Intercultural Lab 2  
SPAN1020. Elementary Spanish(4) and SPAN1020CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2  "Spring 2018"
SPAN2010. Intermediate Spanish(4) and SPAN2010CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2  "Fall 2017"
SPAN2020. Intermediate Spanish(4) and Span2020CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2 "Spring 2018"
SPAN3010. Advanced Conversation and Composition(3) and SPAN3010CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2 "Spring 2018"

Courses with Level 1 Intercultural Labs
Requires 5-10 face to face contact hours and a five page paper reflecting on the Cross Cultural Experience  
ARDE4950. Engaging Art & Faith(3) and ARDE4950CC(0) Intercultural Lab 1  "Spring 2018"
CHIN1010. Elementary Chinese(2) and CHIN1010CC(0) Intercultural Lab 1 "Fall 2017" 
CHIN1020. Elementary Chinese(2) and CHIN1020CC(0) Intercultural Lab 1  "Fall 2017"
CHIN1030. Elementary Chinese(3) and CHIN1030CC(0) Intercultural Lab 1  "Spring 2018"
CLST2960. Cultural Studies Practicum(1) and CLST2960CC(0) Intercultural Lab 1 
FREN1010. Elementary French(4) and FREN1010CC(0) Intercultural Lab 1
PSYC4112. Human Diversity(3) and PSYC4112CC(0) Intercultural Lab 1
SOWK2851. Human Behavior and the Social Environment II(2) and SOWK2851CC (0) Intercultural Lab 1 "Spring 2018"
SOWK2970. Urban Field Experience(1) and SOWK2970CC(0) Intercultural Lab 1 "Spring 2018"
SPAN1010. Elementary Spanish(4) and SPAN1010CC(0) Intercultural Lab 1  "Fall 2017"

Online Courses with Level 2 Intercultural Labs
BSNS4605 Global Business Strtegies(3) and BSNS4605CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2  "Fall 2017"
EDUC2255 Cultural Diverstiy in Education(2) (SP16) and EDUC2255CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2
EDUC3315 Teaching the Bilingual/Bicultural Child(1) (FA) and EDUC3315CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2 "Fall 2017"
NURS4015 Nursing Diverse Populations, and NURS4010CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2 
PRTH2405 Introduction to Christian Missions APP(3) and PRTH2405CC(0) Intercultural Lab 2  "Spring 2018"
PRTH3755 Compassionate Ministries(2) online and PRTH3755CC(0) SU Intercultural Lab 2 
SOGY1015 Exploring Cultural Anthropology(3) and SOGY1015CC(0) SP-N3 Intercultural Lab 2  "Spring 2018"

Courses associated with international travel and Level 4 Intercultural Lab
PSYCH4094A History of Psych Experience (1) and PSYCH4094ACC (0) Intercultural Lab "Spring 2018"
BIOL3250L Tropical Ecology Lab(3) and BIOL3250LCC(0) Intercultural Lab 4 "Summer 2018"
ENGL3015D Writing and the Environmen (3) and ENGL3015DCC(0) Intercultural Lab 4 "Summer 2018"

Additional Note:
Interdisciplinary courses may be offered periodically which will satisfy two general education requirements with one course. Completion of interdisciplinary courses will reduce the number of credits required to satisfy the general education requirements. However, the student must still complete 124 overall credits and 32 upper division credits to satisfy graduation requirements.