Intercultural Opportunities

Reminder: Every approved cross cultural experience or course must include enrollment in an Intercultural Lab This Lab must be completed prior to any 'contact time' with individuals of another culture or travel experience.

Chinese Culture Series (New Level 1)
The Confucius institute on campus will be hosting a series of events exploring aspects of Chinese Culture. You will be required to participate in 10 hours of sponsored events during the semester.

Native American Powwow (Level 1)
Each Fall, and spring, Native Americans from the northwest gather to drum, dance, socialize, and sell native made articles and food. Students help set up, serve the meals, interview vendors, participate and observe for 10 hours over two days.

Conversation Partners (Level 1)
Students find, or are connected to an international student with whom they meet regularly throughout the semester for a total of 10 hours. Activities can include informal conversations, planned conversations (interviews), shared activities such as campus events, sporting events, concerts, bowling, hiking, a church service, ethnic food preparation, coffee and conversation at The Bean.

Farmway Village Tutor - La Gracia (Level 1)
Farmway Village is the common name for the Caldwell Housing Authority's affordable housing project west of Caldwell. It was used, in years past, to house Japanese interns and migrant workers. Today it is home to many Latino families who are first and second generation immigrants. There are 1200 to 1400 residents.

The tutoring program is designed to assist grade-school and middle-school students to complete their homework and work on imporving academic skills as needed. The program meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 p.m. in building #79, which is primarily used by the Episcopal Church, La Gracia, for worship and programs. The tutoring program is a joint effort between the church and Families First, a program of Health and Welfare.

Student Planned (Level 1)
Students identify cross cultural relationships within their own circle of acquaintances and propose a Level 1 experience based on current interactions of 10 hours.

Welcome the Stranger: World Relief Volunteer (Level 1 & 2)
Students may volunteer with World Relief to assist in relocating refugees and immigrants. Multiple opportunities to work with new immigrants through World Relief.

Student Planned International Travel (Level 3 or 4)
Students may propose international travel individually or with other groups (Church Work and Witness, para-church ministries, family travel). Level 3 requires 7 to 13 days. Level 4 requires a minimum of 14 days.

Off-Campus Opportunities (Study Abroad – Level 4)
NNU is affiliated with a number of other institutions and consortia that provide opportunities for students to study off-campus in a plethora of locations around the world.

NNU on a Mission - Spring Break and Summer Travel (Level 4)
We take seriously Jesus' call to, "Go into all the world and make disciples..." Whether it's an international trip, a domestic experience, or service right in our own community we strive to be the light of Christ in ways that strengthen our faith, meet real needs, and challenge us to value every person.

NNU Sponsored Study Tours
Each year NNU instructors plan discipline-specific international travel experiences.
May 8-23, 2016 Costa Rica trip associated with BIOL3250L and ENGL3015L

Courses that satisfy the Cross Cultural Experience (Level 1 & 2)