Increasing cultural competence.

About NNU's Cross Cultural Experience

Each student must meet the University's requirement for cross-cultural experience, while attending NNU, in one of the following ways:

These experiences include:

ALL Students must be enrolled in an Intercultural Lab for each cross cultural experience.  

When enrolling in a course approved as a cross cultural experience, students should enroll in a "mirror" Lab with the same course number.  For example, a student taking CLTA1550 Cultural Anthropology must enroll in (and complete) CLTA1550CC Intercultural Lab Level 2.  Labs appear in the course bulletin directly beneath a host course. 

Student-planned experiences must be approved by Professor Blowers, who will then enroll the student in the appropriate Lab. 

What Makes for a Quality Cross Cultural Experience?

  1. Recognition of cultural differences and similarities between home and target culture.
  2. The ability to compare and contrast values held by the home and target cultures.
  3. Personal recognition/experience of areas of tension between the values of home and target culture.
  4. Personal experience of resolution of tension or accommodation to the values of the target culture.

Steps for Planning a Cross Cultural Experience.

For more information about the Intercultural Labs contact:
David Blowers at 208-467-8033 
Maureen Matlock at 208-467-8619 
or email